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We often get this question with our new (and sometimes returning) vendor clients. In the following article, we break down the meaning of White Label Financing, talk about the pros and implications, and give you the bottom line when it comes to white label financing programs.


White labeling products are produced by a single company and labeled by another brand. In fact, you can apply white labeling to a wide range of products. At its core, white-label financing is a mechanism that allows companies to offer a financing option to clients.

White-label financing makes it so that any company selling any product can be seen as a financing provider. Behind the scenes, it’s the finance company that provides the financing to the client. 

What is a Common Example of White Label Financing?

The most common example of white label financing is automobile financing. A specific auto manufacturer brands its logo and name on all documentation, but then another lender backs up the vehicle.  One of the best aspects of white label financing is its in-house purchase process.

The convenience of white-label financing makes a difference to the customer or client. For instance, retailers now offer luxurious products such as fur coats, wedding dresses, and high-end jewelry through their branded financing.

Benefits of White Label Financing

What are the core benefits of white labeling financing? Let’s take a look: 


In white label financing, the transactions are fast due to the quick turnaround of the financing. Besides, clients don’t have to deal with 3rd parties and work with the seller as a one-stop shop. Additionally, the seller gains a new tool to help clients with a limited budget, which can be used effortlessly. 


Companies that offer their own financing solutions improve their visibility. In fact, it allows these companies to create more value in the eyes of the clients, and offer a more professional outlook for the financing options. It also increases the credibility of the brand to provide financial solutions on transparent terms.


It’s true – companies can scale up their operations through the adoption of a white-label strategy. It also helps companies diversify their product offerings to their clients. White label financing allows companies to navigate between different options and roll out new focused offerings rather than creating options from scratch for each transaction.

Additional Support

More than 15% of businesses spend a good chunk of their revenue on marketing and promotional activities. If a company has a new financial product, it can borrow the expertise of its marketing team to create branded proposals. This results in the company getting its own private white label and branded financial solutions. After that, the firm can communicate the new financing solution to clients.

White-Label Financing: Different Costs, Different Benefits

Thorough research is the key to opt for the best white-label financial solutions. For instance, most financial institutes provide differently structured white-label financial solutions or products.

In fact, it makes even more sense for small and medium-sized business owners to be cautious and exercise due diligence before choosing a white-label financial solution. This is because many white-label financial programs require training, resources, and time that might impact your operational process.

Bottom Lime

Ideally, you should have a realistic conversation with a company that offers a white-label financing option. And before you make a commitment, find out the cost-benefit ratio, resources, and long-term impact of the white-label financial product or program.


Client Example

One of our vendor clients is a large player in the medical market. Their main goal with providing financing was to come off as professional and “one-stop” as possible.

With Blue Street Capital’s white label financing program, they were able to create a financing program that is custom structured to their business needs, as well as to their products. Not only did they get the customized product offerings, but they were also able to brand it in their own colors and logos to show it as professional and “one-stop” as they needed.

Having a tailored financing option allowed our vendor partner to show not only the sticker price of their product but also the monthly cost should the client want to go with a financing option. This helps the vendor close more sales because it shows the client up-front that they have another option aside from paying in full. All the while, the client sees this option as reliable and transparent since it is being provided by the vendor themselves.


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