Recently at XChange 2017 – a conference for information technology professionals and vendors – Kyle Jackson of ConnectWise focused his presentation on something many growing solution providers are facing: what to look for when hiring salespeople. Jackson encouraged solution providers to be more selective when it comes to recruiting salespeople. When it comes to hiring your salespeople, it is important that they be properly vetted. Not only should they be vetted through traditional referral confirmation and resume quality, but by people you actually know.

“If someone you know can actually attest [to the fact that] they’re good, you’d be surprised at how far that can go in your ability to trust them,” according to Jackson – ┬áMajor Account Sale Director of ConnectWise.

CRN Magazine reports that what makes ConnectWise stand apart from the competition is their selective hiring process. “Most of ConnectWise’s hiring is done on a relationship basis, meaning the Tampa, Fla.-based IT service management vendor typically only hires people who already know someone in the company and can therefore be personally vouched for,” writes CRN.

Apart from the relational aspect of the hiring process, Jackson outlined what to look for when hiring salespeople:

  1. ETHICS & HONESTY: if a deal goes bad, or a salesperson has misrepresented your company in a bad way, you can let the employee go but it can damage your reputation for years to come. It is always important to ensure your salespeople are representing your company in a way that reflects your core values.
  2. CREATIVITY: having people on your team who can think on their feet and have a lively discussion even when they don’t have the answers on hand is important. Saying “no” is never the answer – finding a helpful and insightful way to make yourself useful to your client means finding creative solutions.
  3. HUNGER: hiring people who are eager to reach their goals quickly, and surpass them, are to be given special attention. According to Jackson, asking questions that probe into their daily work habits and prospecting tactics can go a long ways in weeding out poor performing employees.

For more insight into what to look for when hiring salespeople, you can read CRN magazine’s full write up here.