At our company all-hands meeting, I asked everyone what your ONE THING is for June? What’s the ONE THING that if you do it, it will make everything easier or nonexistent? I’m a huge fan of Gary Kelleher and Jay Papasan’s work, the ONE THING, and it’s a common theme in our work at Blue Street.

After hearing a Tom Morris interview this AM, I thought I need to retool my ONE THING question. Morris is the author of a dozen + books on stoic philosophy. He was writing about long ago before stoicism hit the mainstream. He has a double Ph.D. Yale in Philosophy and Religion and one of the most popular professors at Notre Dame of all time.

Nonetheless, when talking about goals, he said the best goals are ones that choose IMPACT over INCOME. So when setting your ONE THING for June or if you’ve set one already maybe think about another one that wants IMPACT over INCOME:

  • How can I make a difference?
  • How can I bring something positive to the world?
  • What can I give?
  • How can I add massive value?
  • OR better put according to Tony Robbins ‘How can I add massive f$%^& value?’

This mindset is not collective. It’s iconoclastic and a mindset if we consistently practice, we will be a leader. It’s a practice – we’re not perfect, but we can always strive to be the best we can be.

With the ‘what can I give massive value mindset,’ all the other successes are not far behind — impact over income.

We are teleological as human beings. We are happiest when we have goals. When we’re giving, we are most satisfied. So let’s double down and set a ONE THING Goal for June with IMPACT over INCOME in mind.

What’s the ONE THING that I can give that will have the biggest impact, create the most value, and bring something positive to the world that will make everything else easier or nonexistent?

What is right for you? What works best in accordance with your nature? What if you started every day with this question?