Blue Street Capital’s
Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our passion for growth, development, and innovation will make us an iconoclastic leader in business. 

Our Mission

To add massive value to the lives and livelihoods of our employees, clients, partners, and community.

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What Makes Blue Street Capital Different?

Blue Street Capital’s people-first mentality sets us apart. By pioneering the 5-hour workday in the financial industry, we gave our employees their time back. Our partnership with Stop Hunger Now feeds 500,000 people annually, and our 1/1/1 commitment puts the needs of our community above our pursuit of profit. 


Our Core Values

Blue Street Capital’s core values influence every decision we make. We strive to ensure every relationship, whether it be commercial or personal, is informed by our core values.


    • We deliver on our commitments with the utmost transparency and consistency.
    • We strive to earn the respect of our colleagues, customers, and partners by consistently operating with the highest levels of integrity remaining humble.
    • What do we really mean?? Confidence, Empathy, Ethical, Transparency, Honesty, Respect, Level headed, Fair, Humble


    • We are fully committed to our partners’ and our success. We are tenacious in our relentless pursuit of desired results
    • What do we really mean? ANTI-FRAGILE, Determined, Scrappy, Tenacious, Hungry, Confident, GRIT, Opportunistic, Competitive, Ambitious, Hardworking, Resourceful, Hustle, Focused, Persevering, Invested, Committed


    • We wake up each day ready to grow as committed life-learners. We take a genuine interest in helping our clients and partners continue their success and growth.
    • What do we really mean? Willing to Learn, Self-Education, Learning Mindset, Growth, Coachable, Curious, Asking Why, Don’t Take Things Personally, Have Genuine Interest, Reflect and Improve, Ability to See Long-Term Vision


    • We are fully committed to breaking the mold when it comes to work/life balance and it begins with our 5-hour workday. We are fired up to deliver massive value that is beneficial for our customers’, partners’, and communities’ successes.


  • We are collaborative and work toward our common goal of creating success for all. We fully embrace, appreciate, and celebrate the unique contributions of all team members.
  • What do we really mean? Business is A GAME! Collaborate, Get Involved, Team Player, Selfless, Encouraging, Partner Loyal, Be Motivating, Helpful, Caring, Willing, Kind


  • We approach business challenges proactively and strategically with a creative and innovative mindset.
  • What do we really mean? RESOURCEFUL, Ownership, Independent, Intentionally Strategic, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Reflection, Strategic, Opportunistic, Dot-Connector, Thinking Outside of Our Walls, Meeting Local Vendors, Proactive, Creative


  • Dedication to client success. We are focused on achieving results with a specific goal in mind. We have the ability to identify customer needs and determine what is relevant and what is not.
  • What do we really mean? Conscious, Attentive, Nimble, Active Listener, Dependable, Intentionally Listening, Responsive, Provide MASSIVE Value, Available, Have Willingness to Help, Service Mindset


Join us in our vision.