Partnering with BSC will help you close more sales, retain clients long term, add massive value to your clients, and enhance the client experience so that you increase profits. As a Preferred Partner of BSC, you will look like a Hero to your clients by offering them our most aggressive programs.

Increased Profitability

When your client is taken care of, they will come back for more equipment and services, refer you business, buy equipment quickly (shortening the sales cycle), and be loyal to you.

Customer Retention

Happy clients stay with providers that add massive value to their businesses. Having a finance company that adds to the ability to make more profit while eliminating hassles leads to customer retention.

Aggressive Programs

Being a Partner of Blue Street Capital gives you access to our most aggressive programs. Customized payments help your clients enhance cash flow and predictability. From off term leases to annual payments, Blue Street will take care of our clients.

Speed and Simple

Blue Street Capital has developed processes that speed up the time to get you paid while eliminating frustrating paperwork for your customers. This also allows you to close more business quickly.

A Custom Vendor Finance Program Offers:

  • 100% Prefunding!

  • Finance all soft costs such as warranties, training, and installation!

  • Special promotional finance program and rates

  • Deferred payment plans available

  • Simple One-Page Online Application

  • Responsive Team Dedicated to your success

  • We work with A, B, C, and D credits along with start-ups too


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