We are currently experiencing one of the most exciting times in recent history.

Technology is growing at a break-neck pace; it is nearly impossible to stay up to date with all of the latest software, cloud computing services, and hardware being developed. Not only can this be difficult for those working in IT, it can be especially difficult for the end-users ultimately utilizing these new advancements. For all of the excitement, there is an equally present element of uncertainty.

A common problem many end-users face is they often outgrow their technological needs rapidly as technological advancements are made. The question then becomes: “why purchase new technology if it is going to be obsolete in a few years?”

One way IT providers can resolve this problem is to offer flexible leasing terms with a trusted financial partner. When IT integrators develop partnerships with a trusted financing company, customers can lease the technology they need, at an affordable monthly price that often is far below their budget, and renew their lease terms every few years to upgrade their technology and equipment at little – to no – added cost.

When companies decide to lease technology rather than purchase it outright, they benefit from the latest technologies, at competitive rates, with terms that allow them to grow or change as rapidly as their business demands without having to worry about over-spending.

This is just one of the many reasons why partnerships with financing companies with Blue Street Capital can benefit your sales. By developing a partnership with a trusted financial advisor, you can bring stability, and consistency, to an often turbulent and unpredictable industry such as technology.

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