As a business owner or sales executive, it’s all too easy to feel like a lone wolf. You are working for yourself and for your own success so it may be tempting to isolate yourself. If this happens, you may be missing out on a key element of many successful enterprises – strategic partnering.

Providing a Competitive Edge

If your business regularly competes with other entrepreneurs, you could set yourself apart – and ahead – by partnering with another business. When you have additional points of view and can talk out problems and brainstorm solutions and improvements, it can give you an edge over your competitors who haven’t formed this type of partnership. However, always make sure your partner genuinely has a win-win perspective, since the wrong partnership can bring your business down instead of building it up.

Expanding Your Client Base

Because you aren’t competing with your strategic partners, you should have no problems sharing clients lists with one another. For example, imagine you own a software firm that targets medical providers, and you partner with a medical device company. When a client calls for medical equipment services, you can also refer them to your partner, and vice versa.

Additional Resources

Growing a business and maintaining success requires many resources. This includes software, programs and systems, social media followings, and more. Many strategic partners are able to take advantage of their partner’s resources, which can increase volume while cutting costs. If you partner with someone who has a huge following of industry-specific followers on LinkedIn, they can share your information with thousands of people at once, which can result in numerous leads with little output or expense. Also, don’t forget about resources like proven strategies for success. Sometimes, asking partners the right questions can open the door to new strategies and secrets to enhance your operations and profitability.

Diversification of Your Offerings

A major goal of many strategic partnerships is the diversification of product and services each company can offer. Your partnership can give you access to new designs, materials, or expertise, which can help you create new offerings and improve your existing ones. You may also be able to pair your offering with your partner’s to better serve the needs of your client base – and theirs.

Address Your Weaknesses

Every business has its own strengths and weaknesses. When you partner with the right company, their strengths may address the weaker parts of your operations, while your strengths do the same for them. For this reason, the right partnership becomes stronger than each individual company would on its own.

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Strategic partnerships can be invaluable in business, and they cannot solve both marketing and operational challenges.  Over the years, Blue Street has provided valuable sales training and marketing support to our strategic partner’s sales and marketing departments.  Look for ways that a partnership will be a win-win situation so that you can build deeper and long-lasting relationships that are lucrative for both parties.  If you want to explore a partnership with Blue Street Capital, reach out to us anytime.