Humans do a lot of running around these days. We’ve got families to take care of and jobs to hold down and interests that we want to participate in, and frankly that is quite a bit to juggle, especially on the day to day. If you find yourself scatterbrained, odds are, you aren’t alone. Living in this chaos that we call our brains makes it difficult to accomplish tasks without becoming overwhelmed, and certainly makes it difficult to work on any self improvement that you hope to accomplish. Cue the “Power List.” 

A power list is essentially a list of 3 to 5 tasks for you to complete each day. They are tangible, and are with the intention to progress yourself closer to the person you want to be. The power list can relate to your work, your health, your relationships, quite literally anything, which is a really beautiful thing about this strategy. These tasks may look something like “Run 1 mile,” “Read 10 pages,” “Publish a blog post,” “Make a healthy meal,” “Spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with a loved one.” Whatever long term goal you have for yourself, simply break that down into digestible daily tasks, for you to complete. 

As you go through your day, and accomplish each of the goals on your power list, be sure to check them off, so that when you win the day, you can allow yourself some free time. What we mean by “win” the day, is checking off all the goals that day. Now we know that not everyday is a win, some days you won’t check off every goal, and that is okay too, sometimes we just have to take that “L” and try again the next day. Experts have reiterated time and time again that to create a new habit, it takes 21 days of consistency, so as you go through your power list each day, know that you are getting closer to accomplishing those long term goals, and essentially becoming that person that you hope to be. 

Some tips to stay on track? You know we’ve got them. Plan your power list out in a notebook rather than loose sheets of paper. This allows you to check back on days prior so that you can see your improvement as you immerse this list into your life. As you see yourself improving, you will be more motivated to continue moving forward. Additionally, date each day. This is also a method of encouragement, but additionally is something that you can look back on later down the road as a way to appreciate the hard work you put in. Lastly, each time you win a day, write “WIN” on that pge and circle it. Everyone loves a good celebration. 

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