When you decided to start a business, a lot of the risk rested on your shoulders – and likely your shoulders alone. You are making many decisions and entering into deals on a daily basis, all without much guidance, just hoping to get the business off the ground. However, as your operations grow and progress, it is important to realize that no good deal needs to be won or lost alone. In fact, it can be beneficial for your business to make decision-making a team sport.

Decisions Can Affect Everyone

When leaders of a company make decisions, they might not always realize just how much they can affect the entire team. Many employees might feel helpless or neglected if their work is subject to constant change because of new directions or deals made by management. On the other hand, when you involve your employees in decisions, they can feel valued and respected as part of the team.

Keeping the trust of your employees can enhance the working environment and productivity. When an employee had a say in a deal, they can be more dedicated to helping the deal go through as successfully as possible. Having transparency and involvement within your team can help employees know what to expect – and it can increase the chances that your employees stay on your side even if something does not go as planned.

The Benefits of Brainstorming

Not only can involving your team in changes improve the morale of your employees, but getting their opinions can improve your decision-making abilities, as well. When you and a couple of others are always making the decisions, you can be focused on a certain outcome each time. This does not mean that this outcome should always be your goal, however, and your employees may know that other aspects of the company should be the focus once in a while.

When you get perspectives from your team, you can identify potential problems that you didn’t know existed, or you can identify solutions you wouldn’t have considered on your own. Your employees have a different experience when it comes to your operations, but you won’t know their perspective unless you ask!

Keep Control

Even though it can be beneficial to discuss deals with your team and keep everyone involved on a regular basis, you should also recognize that some decisions should be left to management. This may be the case when you need to keep information confidential or when a decision involves the future of the entire business, such as a merger or acquisition. You still have the ability to handle such matters on your own when you choose, but remember to involve your team in deals whenever it is appropriate.

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