“People aren’t just in need of IT solutions – they are in need of IT solutions that don’t compromise their financial and logistical situations.”

Unfortunately for many businesses, the amount of capital needed to fully fund the technology and infrastructure they need for their business to function efficiently isn’t always readily available. This is an obvious problem for many IT providers because these solutions aren’t cheap.

The most common way IT providers have addressed this issue is by cutting the cost of their solutions: reducing their commission to secure a deal. And, although this may work at times, it comes at a great cost to the salesperson working tirelessly to secure a deal.

What if there was a way to sell highly customized IT solutions to customers without hurting your bottom line and without compromising your customers’ budgets?

That’s where financing comes in.

When you finance technology and infrastructure through a private financing company – like Blue Street Capital – you can lump complex solutions (i.e. those involving multiple OEMs, installation, maintenance, and software) into one easy to manage monthly payment.

What does this do for IT providers? It provides payment in full upon installation. Most of our IT partners receive payment faster through financed deals than cash or credit.

What does this do for the end user? It ensures they receive the technology they need for their business to run optimally, at a price that doesn’t hurt their budget, and provides immediate ROI for measurability.

When it comes to providing solutions, it simply isn’t enough to sell technological solutions to the end user. When you can add value to your services by being financially minded, you aren’t just selling a technological solution; you’re promoting better business practices.

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