CRN magazine that Intel rolled out its new Skylake family of server processors this Tuesday, marking a giant leap forward in the development of artificial intelligence.

“We think the work our engineers have been doing for years will help meet the needs of future data center requirements. … We’ve always been investing in compute, but we now have innovations bring to light new ways of doing networking and AI,” says Intel representative Jennifer Huffstetler

AI (artificial intelligence) has been a hot topic for a decade now and with technology advancing at a breakneck pace, it’s application in the modern business realm may not be far off. Information Management magazine came out with a pretty compelling list of ways artificial intelligence will impact the way modern businesses run. In every item on this list, there are opportunities for solutions providers to learn more about a growing industry and stay ahead of the curve. As with any major leap forward in tech, gaining insights into the thoughts of your customers and providing intelligent perspectives on their technology purchases should be of paramount importance.

AI will undoubtedly affect solutions providers – prompting them to discover new ways to apply its insights in a modern enterprise. Here’s the list Information Management provided, with our list of industries this technology will change forever:

  1. Predicting and Preventing Cyber Attacks
    Industries impacted: SaaS, Security, Servers
  2. Building Better Performing Investment Portfolios
    Industries impacted: SaaS, Security
  3. Upgrading Retail Experience And Profits
    Industries impacted: SaaS, POS, Security, E-Com, Shipping, Manufacturing
  4. Improving Patient Care
    Industries impacted: Medical OEM
  5. Spending Marketing Money More Efficiently
    Industries impacted: SaaS
  6. Advancing Manufacturing Materials
    Industries impacted: OEM, Manufacturing

Did we miss any industries? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Send us your thoughts on artificial intelligence and how it will impact the solutions provider industry and we’ll share them on our blog.