There are very few of us that can run through our work week consistently without taking the time to refresh before tackling the next task ahead of us. Even if you can successfully complete task after task without taking breaks, it does not mean that you should. Oftentimes we will spend extended periods of time working just to find that we would have completed the same amount of work in a shorter time frame if we had allowed ourselves to take a break. To perform at our highest potential, it is essential to take the necessary time to decompress and refresh as we come upon new projects and obstacles. There are plenty of ways to intentionally shorten the increments in which we work so that we can carve out this time for rest and allow for more productivity during the work hours.

Break it Up

The mentality that many business professionals seem to subscribe to in this day & age is that more is more. The more things I stack on my to-do list, the more clients I meet in one day, the more emails I send today, the better. This is not the case if half of those efforts aren’t reaching their potential after you had exhausted yourself. Break up your to do list so that you can give all of your energy to tasks for shorter increments of time as opposed to half of your energy to longer ones. 

Focus on the Product

What is the point of all the work hours that you log each day? To come out with a stellar product. Whether that is a service, a deal you need to close, or a finished product to present to a client, the whole reason you are putting in this time is for that result. Don’t you want it to be great? Making it great will only happen if you bring your best self each day. When you step in the office or open up your laptop, keep that goal at the forefront of your mind.

Get in the Habit

Humans are creatures of habit, we operate well when we know what to expect. Come up with a routine that allows you to jump right into what you need to be focused on. Ensure a well prepped evening, so that in the morning you are ready to get started and don’t need to spend extra time setting up for the day. Not only will this save you an extra 30 minutes, but it will conserve your brain power so that it is better spent through your day. 

Use Your Resources

Take full advantage of the resources around you. If there are ways to delegate responsibilities elsewhere, so that you can hyper focus, make it happen. Utilize technology systems to automate tedious tasks, and trust colleagues with tasks that overflow your schedule. Clearing out your agenda in areas that spend your physical and mental energy will help you conserve so that you can target that energy at projects that are higher priority.

Master the Balancing Act 

We’ve all heard about the work-life balance, but this concept is somehow still highly underrated. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can alter your productivity level in a huge way. Allowing yourself to take the time you need to step away and engage in activities that you enjoy will help relieve stress, promote positive mental health, as well as relieve anxiety. Taking on a work day with a refreshed state of mind can make all the difference. 

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