Great connections with clients are the foundation alongside a great product when it comes to
selling. If you don’t have a great product, it won’t sell, and if you don’t have a strong and
credible relationship with your clients, you are essentially doomed. Once you are confident in
your product, the next step is to pour your energy into knowing your client and establishing trust
within that relationship.

When focusing on your client relationship, it is crucial to get a gist of their personality, to find out
what interests them, to learn why they are interested in your product, etc. These broad concepts
will certainly gain their trust and assure them that you are invested in their experience with your
company, however, top sellers are well aware that taking that attention to detail a step further
can be the key to maximizing this business exchange.

When conversing with your client, be on the lookout for “fun facts.” Fun facts are small bits
of information about a person that identify them individually, things that are interesting to know, and on occasion, something that is not entirely common. Finding out fun facts will not only allow
you to further cater the experience to your client but also to let them know that you value that
individual relationship. For example, if you are discussing a deal with a client, it might be
valuable to know where they are from, if they have children, what the product they are
interested in is intended for, but you can go a step further. Potentially learn what college they
went to, find out what sport they played growing up, maybe what restaurant they like. Each of
these fun facts about your client is not only going to help you understand them, their
personality, and their interests, but also create opportunity for common ground. Maybe you
graduated from the same college, you may have majored in the same thing, for all you know,
maybe you root for the same football team.

Fun facts are simple and translate so well to building a strong connection. People love finding
other people who they can relate to and share a bond with, and if you are able to establish
those types of connections with your client, the trust in the relationship will develop far quicker
then it had without these fun tidbits of information.

Investing in your clients is extremely valuable, and worth making the effort to do. Here at Blue
Street capital we understand this necessity and offer support for your business so that you can
make the time to develop these important relationships. Contact us to find out how we can serve