Businesses are expected to invest over $1.6 trillion in equipment this year.

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association predicts a few insightful financing trends for 2016.

What does that mean for solutions providers? Well, frankly, a lot.

Companies are growing – fast – and when companies grow their infrastructure must grow to accommodate the growing needs of their business. Rapid growth also means cash flow restrictions. And, as many of you know, cash flow restrictions mean investing in technology and software can be an incredible source of stress.

In sales, that means clients are far less likely to want to be reminded of their fiscal deficiencies when approached to reinvest their limited funds in a highly depreciating commodity such as technology. This, inevitably, results in lower sales.

Nobody wants that.

Enter, financing: the solution to cash flow issues onset by rapid growth. Offering inventive solutions, flexible payment plans, and low interest equipment leases free up cash flow for growing companies. The result? More sales closed.

THAT is something every wants.

Creating inventive ways to pay for technology is just one of the many financing trends expected to see a rise in popularity this year. Click the link below to see how offering financing options on technology and software can increase your close rates, and help your clients expand their business without restricting cash flow.

ELFA Financing Trends

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