In this weeks STREET SMARTS, we take a look at what CRN Magazine CEO Robert Faletra has to say regarding marketing and shared service providers (SSP), how devices will be increasingly sold as services, and how the customer acquisition game will continue to change.

The following can be found on CRN Magazine. For more information on the original article, click HERE.

“The Channel Company and CRN have talked a lot over the years about the need for solution providers to get better at marketing. There are dynamics in the market happening today that are going to increase the pressure on partners to do so if they want to grow and stay relevant.

The future business model for cutting-edge partners being one of becoming Strategic Service Providers (SSPs) is part of what is driving the need. If your value-add is conceptualizing, building and delivering infrastructure as a service, the SSP brand needs to be the lead into the customer and has to mean something. The reality is as more compute is sold as a service, it’s a natural evolution for the channel to become a quality services-focused brand. Cloud solutions certainly are the driver, but there are other elements at work as well.

Increasingly, devices will be sold as a service. We’ve already seen it happen in managed print services. Now get ready for the PC to be sold as a service as well. There is a compelling case to be made for the PC, which is already nearly exclusively accessing software that is sold as a service, to become part of the bundle.

The way I see it is this is a huge benefit to driving toward the SSP model because there is no vendor that can do everything for a customer. An SSP, however, can certainly bundle up the best-of-breed services from the appropriate vendors and package them into a monthly managed fee that in the future includes the devices sitting on the desktop.

This is just another indicator of why SSPs need to begin thinking about changing the brand marketing they do as well as the customer acquisition marketing.

The brand marketing is critical because would-be SSPs can’t afford to be viewed as old-school on-premise infrastructure players with little innovation around the new services model.”

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