Most businesses cannot survive without clients and customers. As a leader in a company, you are likely constantly focusing your efforts on how you will get new customers – and the right customers, at that. In order to do so, you should be focused on making quality connections first and maintaining those connections once someone becomes a customer.

Don’t Cold Call

When you cold call someone with nothing more than a sales pitch, it can turn them off right away. Many people will think you only see them as potential dollar signs – not humans with their own values who deserve respect. Instead, if you are picking up the phone, always have a plan. Try to connect with the person on the other end of the phone and ask intuitive questions. Connecting on a personal level can help develop a quality company-customer relationship down the road.

Identify Connections Ahead of Time

When you look at your contact list, what do you see? Do you simply see a list of names and email addresses? Or do you see a list of opportunities that go well beyond the names of your current connections? It’s a small business world, and many people likely know many people you already work with.

When you make a connection with someone new, take a minute before you reach out to them directly. Go through your contacts and determine if you and the new prospect have any connections in common. If you do, you can give yourself an advantage in your initial communications.

Imagine this:

You connect with someone on LinkedIn that you believe could be a quality client. You search your contacts and realize that a longtime client of yours is also connected to the prospect. By reaching out to your current client, you can learn more about the style and unique aspects of the prospect before you reach out.

Are they all business with little patience for unnecessary communications? You know to keep your communications short and to the point. Are they a people person who enjoys conversation? You know to take a slower, more casual and friendly approach. Having a little insight before you reach out can help start the relationship off on the right foot. It can also instill confidence in a prospect that they know someone who is already a satisfied customer.

Building Quality Connections

You don’t just want a list of customers who may or may not make more than one purchase. Instead, your company can benefit greatly if you take the time to cultivate new connections and maintain them in a meaningful way. This helps develop a list of loyal customers who are also willing to recommend your business to others and help your operations grow.

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