How are you best able to promote your business? Are there particular marketing strategies that you have found work well, but don’t get you as much traffic as you would like? Don’t worry, this is a common issue, and plenty of business owners and companies tend to face the same thing. This is where it becomes sufficiently important to understand the concept of “Centers of Influence” and how you can utilize them to maximize your company’s profit. 

According to, Centers of influence are “those people (or organizations) who can boost your market access and credibility through referrals, testimonials, and word-of-mouth.” In other words, these are representatives who can go out to your network, their network, and beyond to either say really great, or really awful things about your company/product/services/ etc. It is so crucial to identify who these individuals/groups are, so that you can interact with them in a way that represents you and your company how you’d like them to represent you to other potential clients. 

So how do you access your centers of influence? These are generally entities that run within the same realm that you and your company do. Oftentimes if they are not in the exact same industry, they are industry-adjacent, or related to what you do. They may be clients that you have worked with before, or companies that you have partnered with in the past, or even groups that you have met at an expo. Additionally when looking at your center of influence, they are generally well-known, well-respected entities who can connect you with the groups you are needing to be involved with to grow your business. 

Now that you have identified your potential Centers of Influence, how do you make that connection? It is fairly simple. Just put yourself out there. Reach out, virtually or in person, and put forth the effort to build a meaningful relationship with that connection, and then delve into your goals so that they know what direction you are headed in. 

Building these connections will take your business to the next level. Learning about products and services through word of mouth is the best way to garner business, because people trust an honest and positive experience from one of your clients more than they trust your ad in the paper or sign on the billboard. Identify those Centers of Influence, and watch your company flourish. 

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