One size does not fit all. The same is true the IT industry. Providing highly customizable, bundled solutions, to your clients adds value to your services and communicates a level of expertise which, in turn, builds trust. But before we dive in, let’s be sure we are all on the same page.

Bundled Solutions are IT solutions involving multiple OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) resulting in a package deal not limited to one brand. These solutions are often the most technically advanced, and cost-effective, solutions an IT provider can create. They can also be incredibly difficult to fund.

Why? The short answer is this: most OEMs do not want to provide financing options for products they didn’t make. It makes sense, but it can be very frustrating for many small businesses who don’t have the capital to directly purchase every individual component their IT provider suggests.

Unfortunately for many IT providers, bundled solutions can be a huge source of frustration.

The good news? They don’t have to be.

When Technology Specialists partner with private financing companies (like Blue Street Capital), entire projects can be funded under one Master Lease Agreement. Servers, monitors, computers, keyboard, office furniture, office remodels, even solutions built entirely around software can be financed directly through private financing companies.

So, when it comes to adding value to your services, don’t hesitate to be inventive with your solutions. Find IT solutions that meet the specific needs of your client and know that with the right financing partner, anything is possible.

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