In this day and age, consumers know what they want – and they know they have options. If one of your clients feels unappreciated or thinks they received a less-than-stellar product or service, they won’t hesitate to jump ship to another provider or vendor. Even with this fickleness and the many options out there, it IS possible for companies to build relationships and keep clients for life. It will take some effort, but the pay off will be worth it, as it is always more lucrative – and easier- to keep an existing client than to find a new one.

Focus your marketing on client retention.

When you’re conducting a client transaction, you have a captive audience. You also have key information about the client’s preferences and habits, which you can take advantage of. You should make use of customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep track of client information so you can tailor your marketing to your valuable clients.

Personalize client communication.

Many people claim they are more likely to remain loyal to a brand that gives them personalized attention. When all of your communications are focused on selling something, clients may feel like dollar signs to you. Instead, keep clients notified of new developments in your industry, inform them of a service that may specifically benefit them but they aren’t utilizing, give them special offers for their loyalty, or even wish them a happy birthday. This type of communication makes a client feel valued, which often results in repeat orders.

Start a creative loyalty program.

When a client knows they can get benefits from staying loyal, they may be more likely to do so. While many loyalty programs involve racking up points, which can be successful, you can set yourself apart by getting more creative. Instead of making clients wait for numerous purchases to get a reward, offer a benefit for simply trying a new service. Give them a discount on a future purchase if they spend a certain amount at once. Offer rewards for referring others. Creative loyalty programs can provide immediate rewards, which can result in immediate satisfaction.

Exceed the Expectations of your Clients

When your client expects something, always try to go above and beyond. Because so many companies provide the bare minimum these days, clients will be surprised – and delighted – when you give more than they expect. Also, if you fail to meet a client’s expectation, you should reach out to them right away and listen to their feedback. Find out what you can do to make them fully satisfied – and then do more. Exceeding their expectation and caring about their satisfaction can help build lifelong client relationships and even get referrals.

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