Work smarter, not harder. Words to live by no doubt, but what does it mean? Does it mean learn more about the industry you work in so you can be more insightful? Does it mean working with efficiency rather than brute determination? In the case of Blue Street Capital, it means a little bit of both.

Starting August 1st, Blue Street Capital is going to adopt a revolutionary concept: the Five Hour Work Day.
In one bold move, we are cutting our operating hours by nearly 50%. Why? The answer is simple: we want our employees to be happier, more rested, and more efficient. We’re confident this will spur innovation and creativity by condensing the hours we work. Additionally, we’re hopeful this will retain and recruit the best and the brightest.

At Blue Street we are hyper focused on bringing massive value to our employees, customers and partners. This is one giant step we can take.

How can you be more efficient while working fewer hours? The answer, again, is simpler than you may think. During a typical 8-hour work day, an average of 40-50% of the time is wasted on coffee breaks, water cooler chit-chat, lunch breaks, checking emails and browsing through social media. During Fantasy Football season even more. Add in your post lunch dip in energy and you’re looking at roughly 3-4 hours where productivity drops significantly.

By reducing the office hours, without diminishing the expected productivity, we increase efficiency. We aren’t limiting our expectations of work output, we’re just ensuring that work gets done in less time. Eight hours of productivity in only a five hour period.

Stephan Aarstol, founder and CEO of Tower Paddle Boards, pioneered this concept in 2015 and has implemented this practice within his own company to staggering results. “Time is like a sponge and work always fills the void of time”. If you have eight hours to do something, you take eight hours. If you tell people to get the same work done in five hours, they start working at a faster pace and find creative solutions to stuff.”

Starting August 1, Blue Street Capital will be operating from 8am to 1pm (PST), Monday through Friday. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our quest for achieving the ultimate work-life balance through a Five Hour Work Day.

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For additional information on the Five Hour work day, visit the link below!

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