The majority of small businesses are already using cloud computing and technology services. Many business owners had security concerns about cloud-based services for years, though those have mostly faded, as the cloud has proven safe for both computing and storage. While you should never go with cloud-based technology because other companies are doing it, it is always wise to learn how this type of computing can benefit your business. The following are only some of the many benefits of cloud-based services for companies large and small.

  1. Collaborative Office Systems

Many companies have multiple group-based projects going at once, with different employees contributing throughout the day. With Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and other cloud-based office systems, multiple users can work at the same time from unlimited devices, with others seeing the changes in real-time. These systems eliminate the need for numerous emails and wait time, creating immediate efficiency and effectiveness for collaborative projects.

  1. Remote Work

In today’s society, many companies offer remote work, whether full-time or when needed to accommodate an employee’s home and family needs. When your company runs on cloud-based technology, there is no need to install specific software or hardware in your employees’ homes, and there should be no interruption in workflow or collaborative projects. You can also operate a company completely based on telecommuting, eliminating the need for any physical office at all, significantly cutting costs. Because of the many benefits of remote work, the possibility can draw talented employees.

  1. Scaling Infrastructure

Imagine that Buzzfeed or another popular website raves about your product. Suddenly, traffic to your site spikes, with an unprecedented number of people wanting to purchase your product all at once. Your traditional web-based commerce servers quickly overload, and many people aren’t able to complete purchases. If you had a cloud-based scaling infrastructure, failover systems could take over automatically if your hosting server overloads at critical times. Scaling infrastructure responds to demand, so you only pay for the server you need at the time, making it an economical option and preventing wasted funds.

  1. Recovery and Backups

Most businesses struggle with information security issues. Smaller IT workforces often don’t have the capability to completely defend against threats to critical infrastructure, resulting in critical data loss. Cloud data storage with real-time backups from local data helps enforce security efforts and ensure access to critical data, even if a security breach occurs. Cloud-based programs also allow for greater storage and access at a lesser cost.

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Cloud-based technology services can increase collaboration, efficiency, employee satisfaction, data security, and more, all while reducing expenses for many small businesses. Many companies hesitate to make sweeping changes in their IT systems, as it may seem like a daunting task that may interrupt operations. However, making the switch to cloud-based services can be easier than you might imagine, and few businesses regret the switch.

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