When it comes to sales, asking questions is key. Questions are important because they unlock the needs of the customer. Incisive questions on the part of the salesperson invokes precise answers on the part of the customer, thus providing the salesperson an accurate portrayal of the actual needs of their client. When it comes to I.T. sales, these types of highly specific lines of questioning are imperative on the part of the salesperson because every  business is different and every I.T. solution needs to uniquely suit their business’ needs. This isn’t news – this is just the way sales is done.

For many working in I.T sales, the highly intentional line of questioning stops once an I.T. solution has been found, but the sale is far from over. There is still one matter left to discuss and it’s a big one: MONEY.

The same care and consideration taken by I.T. salespeople to learn about the technological needs of their customers should be taken into account when it comes to understanding how their company specifically handles the acquisition of new technology. In the same way that every company has unique technological needs, every company has unique financial needs and purchasing protocols.

Asking these few questions can help you target potential obstacles in the sales process early on:

  • Can you fill me in on how your company makes decisions and acquires new equipment?
  • Who are the key decision makers in this particular project?
  • When you purchase technology, how do you typically pay? With cash? Bank lines? Leasing?
  • Have you considered leasing technology before?
  • Do you upgrade your technology pretty regularly? If so, have you considered a Fair Market Value lease*?
  • Are there any financial aspects of your company that we need to take into consideration when building an I.T. solution for you?
  • Do you have a budget in place for this project in particular? If so, how much is available for use this year?

By asking these questions early on, the sales process can be expedited and give you enough lead time to bring in additional resources, such as financing partners, early on. Thus, ensuring your customers’ technological needs, as well as their financial needs, are well taken care of.

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