Successful business owners know how to play their cards right. They understand and value the power of timing when working with their clients and are always on their toes, anticipating when it is appropriate to make certain moves. This is in regards to every aspect of the business transaction, from the initial conversation with a client to closing the deal and task execution.

When inquiring with a new client, it is necessary to establish both a sense of urgency and excitement at the prospect of a new project as well as give an impression that is patient and collaborative. That being said, this is a fine balance to manage, you want to ensure to your client that you are present and willing to work with them while also affirming the necessity of timeliness. The impression that you want to leave your new client with is one that is ambitious, but not brash, and finding this balance when opening a new project will lay a foundation that allows your client to trust you and take you seriously.

Maintaining this balance through the entire business relationship is the tougher part and may become tricky as disagreements or differences arise in the process. Successful business owners understand the collaborative nature of making a deal and know that being assertive in your view is sometimes part of the transaction. This can often happen when nailing down details of a project or a price. Additionally, time can get away from you, and it may allow for unnecessary ruminating and this is something to avoid at all costs. This is the time to recognize that stalling will not serve you well. Specifically, when closing a deal with a client, it is pivotal to know when to close the deal rather than allowing for further discussion.

These concepts of business timing and acting when the timing is right all come down to an ability to read other people. You will need to understand your client’s temperament and know-how to work with them with that in mind. If you know that they will only agree to a particular price and that you have maximized your options, know that it is time to close that deal before the client decides to move forward with someone else. Recognizing the nature of your client, understanding timing, and knowing how to act when the time is right will all ensure that you make the right moves at the right time. Keep these in mind, and you will successfully close the deal, every time.

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