When a tech company takes off and experiences rapid growth, it is all too easy to neglect the maintenance of the company’s culture. The focus is often on rapid hiring, often without regard for cultural norms, which can lead to a shift in the culture of the business. Sometimes, new expectations and attitudes can be a positive thing, but often, it can affect the workforce and productivity adversely.

Is it possible for growing tech companies to maintain a healthy company culture? Is it important to do so? The answer to both of these questions is YES. Having a functional team can be more important than growth strategy because it maintains productivity and execution standards.

Know the Signs of Cultural Problems

Always assess how your growing team is working and recognize when there are signs of arising or existing issues. Such signs can include:

  • Lack of successful communication between development teams
  • People are able to avoid accountability
  • The open sharing of ideas can lead to ridicule
  • Lack of visibility across the company’s operation

The good news is the cultural problems are often reversible with the right guidance and leadership.

Encourage Vulnerability and Conflict

Many people in your workforce might have great ideas – but you never know it because they are too hesitant to share them. A growing team can often breed fear of vulnerability, that if someone shares an idea and it is rejected, they might be at risk of retribution. This culture of fear does not lead to a healthy workforce and growth.

Instead, welcome the open sharing of ideas – even if they are not always the best. Also, make yourself vulnerable by also throwing out ideas that might not be completely thought-through or sophisticated. This conversation can often lead to some of the best ideas on the table.

Reward Accountability for Both Successes and Mistakes

If someone in your workforce experiences success and it is not acknowledged, there will be less motivation to work at the top of their game and seek future successes. On the other hand, if someone makes a mistake and is too afraid to bring it to your attention, the fallout can be disastrous.

By rewarding accountability for both wins and failures, you can encourage a higher level of work while mitigating the effects of mistakes. Ensure that employees do not fear retaliation for admitting errors. One way to do this is to openly communicate when leaders make a mistake, as well.

Understand it Requires Ongoing Attention

You cannot maintain a healthy company culture without regular assessment and efforts. You also cannot expect to repair cultural problems overnight. Take time to hire the right people and be consistent with the messages you send to your team. Never underestimate the importance of culture at work, as it can make or break the success of your business.

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