We’ve discussed on this blog that taking care of your existing clients and ensuring their loyalty is cheaper than finding entirely new clients. While lower prices and product quality can attract repeat business, there are ways you can go above and beyond for clients to truly solidify the relationship.

1. Keep clients engaged with your business.

Clients may not have active orders or needs all the time. However, you can ensure they remember your company’s quality and service by keeping them engaged. Draft a company newsletter and send it out to existing customers. They can read about new developments or offerings, articles showing your expertise in your industry, and more. It will also show that you thought to include them on your email list.

2. Follow up.

After you provide a product or service, touch base with the client to ensure everything was up to their standards. If not, fix the mistake immediately. If so, this type of client engagement indicates that you care about their satisfaction and checks in whether they have any additional needs from your company. The follow up can also serve as a personalized thank you to the client for their business.

3. Respond quickly.

We all know we can receive emails or phone calls from clients at inconvenient times. Maybe you have another deadline coming up or are in the middle of another project. However, even if you can’t address the entire matter right then and there, even a quick email or call to inform them that you received their message and will be in touch shortly can make all the difference. This makes them feel acknowledged while putting off any response at all makes them feel ignored and no valued.

4. Interact on social media.

Many of your clients surely have a presence on many social media sites. Connect with them on LinkedIn and “like” or share an article they posted. Don’t hesitate to @ clients on Twitter if the content is relevant to them. Getting an unexpected notification that someone is interacting on social media can make clients feel special and noticed.

5. Surprise them.

There are many ways you can surprise clients in simple and inexpensive ways. Throw in a bonus service or product once in awhile to show appreciation for their constant business. Hold a “giveaway” or another promotion for preferred clients that gets them involved and makes them see you reward and appreciate loyalty. Send them holiday cards or thank you cards after they place an order. All of these are small ways you can surprise a client and make them feel valued.

We Help Small Businesses Achieve Success

The saying goes that “there is no traffic on the extra mile.” Taking small steps for your clients may not take a lot on your end, but it can have a big impression and result in continued loyalty. It can be easy to meet your clients’ needs and go the extra mile when you have all the tools you need in place for productive operations. Contact Blue Street Capital to discuss solutions to increase productivity and efficiency in your business.