Running a business can be overwhelming, both in positive and negative ways. You may have numerous ideas that you can’t wait to implement all at once. You may have a growing stack of problems to address each morning, which seems never-ending. It is easy to get distracted and thrown off course, focusing on the wrong issues. You can even lose focus altogether, constantly checking social media or email. Many people have trouble getting started with productive work in the morning – just because you’re sitting at your computer doesn’t mean you’re getting things accomplished.

If you feel like work is constantly pulling you in every direction and you switch tasks before finishing the first one, you may want to think about how to get organized and enhance your focus during the workday. The following are a few things you can do to get and stay focused.

Write down goals for the day and stick to the plan. Too many people try to keep their goals and tasks in their head, which makes it all too easy to forget about certain goals or get distracted. If you aren’t checking a written list of things to do, it’s easy to underestimate your tasks and spend time on social media or lesser tasks, leaving goals unmet at the end of the day. Making goal-writing a part of your daily routine can help you stay focused on what matters.

You should set goals for the day, week, or even the month, and tackle them in order of priority. Making sure your daily goals are manageable is highly critical, however. This often means breaking up a larger goal into smaller manageable tasks. You still see progress yet don’t feel overwhelmed by the larger goal in mind.

Limit your distractions. Distractions are everywhere, though it is possible to limit them to increase focus and productivity. First, limit physical distractions by closing a door, working away from your office for a bit, or wearing noise-canceling headphones. You can also limit online distractions by only having internet windows open that you need to complete the task at hand, keeping your phone across the room, or even turning off Wi-Fi for non-internet tasks. There are also apps that will limit your access to social media and news sites while you work.

Take care of yourself. If you’re not in the right productive mindset when you start work, you won’t be able to focus. First, make sure you keep a healthy work-life balance, which means putting the work away and focusing on yourself after-hours. Exercising, eating healthily, and getting necessary sleep will prep your body and mind to stay focused and productive during work hours. Address concerns in your personal life head-on, as those will seep in during work hours and cause significant mental distractions. If you are having trouble focusing or have an important meeting coming up, considering using a meditation app to focus your thinking.  At Blue Street, we have implemented the 5-Hour Work Day which has increased our results and productivity.

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