Working in such a technologically advanced field such as IT, you would think that Solution Providers, or IT Integrators, would be on the forefront of sales trends – adapting and utilizing the latest practices to generate more sales. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. A huge problem many service providers face is the inability to foster a lasting relationship with the clients they serve. Fortunately, the solution isn’t as difficult as you might think. One of the best things you can do to develop a trusted, and lasting, relationship with the customers you’re serving – or the leads you are chasing – is to create engaging, and helpful, content designed to benefit their work life.

Understanding the individual needs of those you are in constant dialogue with is a great way to make your clients feel listened to, cared for, and serviced. When you go the extra mile, and take time out of your day to try to help your customers out, that action is noticed and trust is built.

What are you doing to nurture relationships with your clients? Are you providing helpful tips on how they can optimize their business? Could you take a few minutes out of your day to shoot an encouraging email to your prospective clients?

Here are a few helpful tips on how to be more, well, helpful:

  1. Take note of when your customers are discussing the stress surrounding their work. If you’ve heard similar stress in more than one conversation, with multiple prospects, then maybe it’s time to address that issue in a creative, helpful, and tactful way.
  1. Keep it simple. Chances are, your clients are just as busy as you are. Be mindful of that. Try to keep your messages short and to the point.
  1. Don’t make everything about yourself. If you have already made contact with your prospect, then they understand a few things: your job, your company, and what you want. You don’t need to remind people why you’re the solution to their problem. Being helpful for the sake of being helpful is sincere and it establishes confidence in your own product. Let your service speak for itself.

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