We are experiencing a never-ending onslaught of technology development. Every day it seems there are new businesses – new technologies – destined to make life easier, save us money, and increase profits. Trying to keep up with the pace of a bustling tech industry can be a monumental task even if you have the time to dive down the Silicon Valley rabbit hole. But for most CFOs, keeping up with the trends can become just another task in a day filled with product demonstrations, pitches, meetings, and normal day-to-day activities.

CFO Magazine took the time to look into some of the most promising developments in technology and have compiled a list of companies to look out for. Here’s a list of the top 20 we feel are really killing it. For the full list, click here.


  1. Alvara – Tax Compliance Software
  2. Automation Anywhere – Robotic Process Automation
  3. Financial Force – Resource Planning Vendor
  4. Sprinklr – CRM + Social Media Analytics
  5. Oomnitza – Internet of Things Management
  6. Workiva – Secure Document Exchange + Word Processing
  7. SecurityScorecard – Security Ranking
  8. Slack –¬†Efficient and Simple Workplace Organizer
  9. DocuSign –¬†Market Leaders in E-Signature
  10. Neo Technology – Graph Database Company
  11. Zuora – Subscription Management Platform
  12. Reckon Point – Indoor Positioning
  13. Atomiton – Internet of Things Computing
  14. Rubrik – Data Backup
  15. Adyen – Online Payment Processing
  16. Agari – Email Security
  17. Veem – Cross Border Payments
  18. Qlik Technologies – Business Intelligence
  19. Zoom – Videoconferencing
  20. Aviso – Sales Forecasting

This list was first featured on CFO magazine. For a comprehensive description of each of the companies listed, please visit the original article here.