Business Equipment Leasing is a Perfect Business Solution

It is very expensive to set up a new business as the price of business equipment is touching sky high. In such a stringent and competitive business world one has to follow strategies that can cut down on the cost without effecting the business operations. Business equipment leasing is the preeminent cash management tool that not only helps you attain equipment and technology required by the company but also strengthens its financial position and professional image in the market.

Most business owners are opting for equipment leasing

Today many private and government associations whether proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, agencies, religious or non-profit organizations acquire business equipment through lease as it helps them to retain their working capital and maintain smooth cash flow. According to survey conducted by ELA (Equipment Leasing Association) the statistics report that over 80% of American businesses lease business equipment. Business equipment leasing finance 100% of the equipment cost which includes the price of equipment, installation and maintenance cost in addition to the shipping cost.

Equipment leasing offers various benefits

  • Business equipment leasing at Blue Street Capital allows you to immediately obtain all the necessary machines like computers, copy machines, printers or other expensive equipment required for running your business.
  • Business equipment leasing allow you to structure your payments according to your financial conditions, you can either go for seasonal payments, 90-day deferred payments, step down payments, step-up payments or quarterly payments depending upon your financial position.
  • The terms and conditions of the lease are also flexible and can be manipulated with mutual consent of the lessee and the leasing firm. It also gives you the advantage of tax relief and keeps your bank credit lines open for other business needs.
  • Business equipment leasing is a perfect solution for businesses who wish to conserve there working capital or who do not have enough to purchase the required equipment. Business equipment leasing is the best alternate for heavy capital investments. It helps you to acquire new business equipment without paying any upfront cost.

At Blue Street Capital, we understand your funding needs and tailor special programs keeping in mind the individual business needs of our prestigious customers. We cater to the needs of all types of businesses and can help you to get instant approval of your credit applications.

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