When I founded Blue Street Capital in 2004, I wanted to create an amazing place to work that valued service to its customers and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted a company that was focused on the growth of its employees, customers and partners. Having previously worked with another financing company, I quickly discovered gaps in the existing prototype: too little focus on customers, lack of knowledge about solution providers and OEMs, and not enough insight into vendor partners. With Blue Street Capital, I had a clean slate and intended to rewrite the business model. Today I would like to think Blue Street Capital has done just that.

Blue Street Capital’s vendor finance model is unique to the industry. We have one focus – supporting our vendor partners.

We specialize in providing sales assistance for technology solutions providers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) through the use of financing programs designed to benefit growing businesses. Simply put – we make flexible and transparent payment plans available for companies to encourage and facilitate growth. The spirit behind this is simple: if we can make it easier for businesses to grow, our vendor partners can grow as well, and we grow. Everyone wins.

This is the way I think business should be done – quickly, efficiently, honestly, and beneficially. We focus on technology because that is what we know. We never make promises we cannot keep and we never settle for anything less than the best for our partners and customers; it’s that simple.

Welcome to Blue Street Capital, we’re happy you’re here.


Dave Rhoads, CEO


Blue Street Capital is an independent financing company specializing in connecting technology solutions providers with growing businesses. By working exclusively with technology manufacturers and IT providers we have helped thousands of clients receive the financial assistance they need.

Our skilled team of financial experts are dedicated to providing flexible, customizable, and integrity minded leasing options designed to work around you, and your client’s, needs. The result? A vendor focused, end-user benefiting, financing institution whose ultimate goal is to see everyone succeed.

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We are a technology focused financing company committed to developing successful outcomes for solutions providers and their customers.


We are committed to seeing our partners grow in healthy, responsible ways through the use of financing to ensure cash flow is not compromised.


Challenges are inevitable, but Blue Street Capital exists in spite of these obstacles because of our founding principles–integrity, simplicity, creativity, respect, and uncompromising customer service.


We deliver high-integrity, convenience-based financing solutions our technology partners can bring to their customers.

David Rhoads

CEO & Founder

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Senior Account Executive | Sales

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Account Executive | Sales

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